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Real estate is one of the few sectors that has yet to experience massive disruption, even though the need for it is great. There is so much that could be improved, in everything from the financial structuring to day-to-day operations.

Our people


Keyvan Houshmand

As CEO of S. Property Group, Keyvan Houshmand is on a mission to develop smart capital structures that make “impossible” real estate opportunities a reality.

Together with my team, we identify properties that we can develop based on non-cyclical, long-term needs,” he says. “We’re relentlessly curious about new technologies and markets. By applying that curiosity to demographic trends, we’re able to develop competitive properties that attract both short and long-term demand.


Douglas Lundholm

A great technical mind with a background in engineering and finance, Douglas Lundholm worked side by side with S. Property group as we developed the idea for Botello. With his natural aptitude for entrepreneurship and through his key role in concept development, it became clear that he was the obvious choice as CEO of Botello.

With the capital in place, we can finally, with the help of my direction, bring in a completely new team to take the step from startup to scale-up


Poyan Katebi

A dedicated public servant, Poyan Katebi’s years as a legal advisor and controller for a nonprofit have shaped him into the ideal CEO for Samfastigheter, where he is helping to solve Sweden’s lack of long-term care facilities.

At Samfastigheter, our goal is to become the foremost player in social infrastructure,” says Poyan. “I am convinced that our deep knowledge within health and social care makes us the obvious choice for municipalities and private companies who want a secure and stable real estate partner.


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From idea to startup

Every investment company has its own secret sauce. What distinguishes us from other investment firms is that we develop our ventures from the idea all the way to scale up. We build our solutions according to a well proven methodology which integrates the customer throughout the entire process. Our 3-step approach begins with the vetting of ideas. Once an idea is validated, we assemble a winning team. Then we scale it up and grow the business into a successful company. Read on to find out more.

Business idea & Validation

All great companies begin as ideas. We have daily interactions with a wide range of clients that provides us with immense insights and business ideas.

Building a company

Once we are confident in our business idea, we hand-pick a team of people who we can trust to carry the idea through to scale-up.

From startup to scale-up

With capital from external investors, the growth phase begins as we take on a strategic role supporting the management team with long-term goals.