Our strategy in action

Since S. Property Group was founded in 2017, we’ve brought two fully fledged companies from idea to startup. We have built our companies according to a well proven methodology which integrates the customer throughout the entire process. Both companies have a clear niche that makes their growth systematic and long-term sustainable, even in economically uncertain times.

We are developing the city of tomorrow

A major challenge currently facing the real estate industry revolves around the ability to build communities where people live in harmony with the digital revolution that’s fundamentally changed the way we live, work and play. The core issue at hand concerns how smart tech solutions can do more than merely free up valuable time and resources. And the insight that property development needs to begin and end with a decidedly human perspective.

In an effort to meet these pressing societal challenges, S. Property Group has joined hands with major industry players ABB, Samsung Electronics, Three Sweden and Vattenfall to build the smart city of tomorrow in Brobyholm, located less than 40 minutes by commuter train from Stockholm’s Central Station.

Description:Urban development

Better properties for public sector

Sweden's properties in the public sector are today a bottleneck as there are not enough community properties to meet the needs. A market deficit of community properties across the country is forecast, which is expected to grow in the coming years. Samfastigheter reduces this figure by helping public and private healthcare actors to grow organically. We do this by equipping them with modern, specially adapted community properties, designed to attract demand in both short and long term.

Over the following years, we expect to have an underlying property value of 3 BSEK within the public service sector.

Description:Properties for public use
Underlying value of assets:>500 MSEK
# of screened properties / year:1,000
# of property developments started / year:15
Founded:March 2018

Reduces the housing crisis through innovative property development

Botello is a hybrid between a fintech & proptech company that expands the housing potential together with Sweden's houseowners. By participating and contributing, the homeowner receives a fixed annual income. In exchange, Botello develops a complementary home on the plot that is rented out to a suitable tenant.

Botello has developed a technical platform to streamline the homes' property management, rental, energy consumption and also the homeowner's investment in Botello's homes.

We currently have more than 50 signed lease agreements with homeowners in Stockholm County and predict a growth of 200 homes per year. Together we can create a better housing market!

Description:Development of “mini-villas”
Average capital injection per customer:250,000 SEK
Market:Fintech & Proptech
Founded:August 2018

Our 3-step approach is to start with ideas and put them through a rigorous validation process, then assemble a winning team, and finally, scale-up and grow the business.



With capital in place , the growth phase begins as we take on a strategic role supporting the management team with long-term goals.


Idea & Validation

We believe in ideas that solve significant societal problems. A good idea is scalable and efficient, both financially and during implementation.


Building a team

Once we are confident in our business idea, we hand-pick a team of people who we can trust to carry the idea all the way to scale-up.

Our three-step process

There is a great need for innovation in the real estate industry.

Even with access to capital, it is difficult to compete with the established real estate companies given their industry network, references and access to capital.

That is why we exist as an investment company and incubator in innovative real estate development. We believe in scalable real estate investments that focus on segments with high entry barriers where competition is limited.

Micro buy and build is a proven model on which our existing investments are based and which benefit from current market challenges.

To ensure the idea and upscaling from startup to exit, we start from our 3-step process.