Our story

S. Property Group was founded within Serendipity to develop innovative real estate solutions. With a constant curiosity for new technologies and markets and by focusing on demographic trends we develop scalable real estate investments attracting demand in both short and long term.

Within Serendipity, the incubator and investment company S. Property Group was founded, which only focuses on the real estate industry. As a one-stop shop for building new companies in the real estate industry, S. Property Group wants to create innovative real estate solutions that meet non-cyclical and long-term needs. We are expected to build 1-3 companies each year going forward. As Serendipity stands for House of technology, it is natural that many of our companies will offer a digitized product or service.


Innovation requires collaboration

We believe it’s the people who make up the strength of a company. By supporting and giving the tools needed for passionate people and let them grow along with the process, we know it’s the best way to success. And just like all people have different qualities, our companies need different talents and experiences to make them successful. If you want to be part of changing the real estate industry for the better - get in touch!

Available positions

We are always looking for talented people

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